Monday, August 9, 2010

A mystical, magical, spiritual, knee-buckling moment


What a week!  This is one of the most amazing seasons of our Christina and I's lives. (is "I's" a word? English majors help a brother out!)

Last Wednesday I pulled in to my usual spot at the Roasterie and quickly called Christina (who had at that point been in the hospital on bed rest for about a month and a half) just to touch base before I settled in for a productive day in my favorite Brookside coffee shop. 

After a quick "How's it going, I love you, see you later"  I hung up and took a minute in my car to pray for the coming day.  As I gathered my stuff, my phone rang and my life changed. "We're having babies in two hours." My brain went into Keanu Reeves mode and all I could think was "Whoa..."

Ok... and there goes my plans for the day. But wow, what a day it turned out to be!  I drove to the hospital and by 1:00 Levi and Judah had arrived.

Anyone who's had a kid knows the indescribable feeling of seeing a life brought into the world. Birth is a mystical, magical, spiritual, knee-buckling moment. Hearing a babies first cry, seeing them wide eyed and watching you just moments after entering the world is fantastic. Knowing that so much of their experience and success in this life falls on your shoulders is an heavy, beautiful burden to bear.

As a Christ follower I do my best to look at my world and my experiences through His eyes.  As I think about a new birth I think about how amazing it is that Christ choose that moment as an analogy for our spiritual encounter with Him.  In John 3 Jesus is talking to Nicodemus and tells him that in order to see, understand and be a part of God's kingdom one much be "born again". 

When we "get saved" or become "Christian" it's not simple a change of viewpoint, or a reconfiguration of our priorities. It's a birth. It's a "new creation" ( 2 Corinthians 5:17).  What was is no longer, and what will be is a road waiting to be discovered. Spiritual life has just begun. 

It's a mystical, magical, spiritual, knee-buckling moment when a person comes to faith in Christ. Are you ready for that moment? Are you ready to start over, this time with a Father who loves you more than you could ever know?  Maybe you know someone who needs a re-birth, a fresh start, a new life? Take a moment pray for them. God just might want to use you to bring His hope to them.  Be bold, the opportunity to share life you've discovered in Christ is worth the risk.

Lord help me see new birth in your kingdom. Bring people into my life that I can love in your name. Give me the boldness and opportunity to share your good news, because it is the power of God that saves (that brings new life to) your prodigal kids.

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