Monday, July 26, 2010

a two year olds tackles and the meaning of life.

It is so good to be home. After an amazing week in Orlando at the church planting bootcamp I was more than ready to come home again.

If you travel much you know the feeling. And maybe like me you've been a bit suprised by the little things that you miss when you're gone.

I have a theory that what we value is better revealed through what we miss than what we desire. Let me explain:

When I'm home going through my everyday life the things I often spend much of my energy on are not nessissiarly the things I miss most when I leave.

The things I miss most I think actually reveal what I most value. For the good or the bad.  I missed getting my head squished under a dog pile while hearing Dante yell "tackle!" in the manliest little 2 year old voice you ever heard.  I miss Justus half awake, crawling into my lap in the mornings and knowing that he feels like he's in the safest, most comfortable place in that world at that moment. I miss the random conversations Christina and I have as we lay in bed trying to fall asleep after whirlwind days. (And yes, I do absolutely freak out when my iphone doesn't have good enough signal to get online...)

What do you miss most when your gone? For me remembering what I miss most allows me to focus on what I value most when I have it.  I forget how mortal I am. I forget how fleeting the time I have is. I need reminders that refocus me on the things that deserve my focus.

What do you miss most when you leave home? Does what you value most get the best of you on a daily basis? Or do we spend so much energy maintaining the peripheral that the essentials get the leftovers?

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