Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting Schooled

I tweeted not too long ago about how one of the byproducts of doing something you've never done is that you are consistantly learning something you've never known.  As I pursue this dream God's placed on my heart to plant a church I find myself in constant discovery mode. I'm reading books, blogs, tweets and newsletters from church planters. I'm drinking more than my share of coffee with guys who have done it and others who are in the process of planting now.  I'm picking the brain of everyone I know who has an ounce of experience in pastoring and church planting.  In short I'm getting schooled and I love it!

One of the most fun parts is that for every question I get answered I walk away with three more that I need to research. The opening lines of Proverbs call for discovery encouraging readers to attain wisdom, acquire discipline and offers to give prudence, knowledge and discretion. The writer suggests that the wise listen and add to their learning. 

So my question is what are you learning? Where are you being challanged? We were created to love God with our minds. To honor Him with our learning and discorvery and even with our questions. The more I learn how much I don't know the more I'm driven to my knees. There is a richness in understanding your desperation and dependance on God. The harder we lean on Him the more we understand and trust in His strength!

So go ahead learn something new today. Ask a tough question. Have coffee with someone who will streach your mind and your heart.  Honor your God with your mind!

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