Monday, September 27, 2010

The Monday Funday: Whats your "go to" move?

Ok so I'm going to try and organize this blog thing and mix it up a bit.  So far my blog has read like a Sunday School devotional and while there's nothing wrong with that, I need a little diversity in my life.

Mondays are officially renamed. Who needs another Monday? No one that's who. But who couldn't use an extra dose of Funday?! That's what I'm talking about!  (ok so that's about as cheesy as it gets. I know, but it's my blog so deal.)  

From now on every Monday will be Monday Funday.  I'll scoured the the interweb for things that tweak my fancy and make me lol or rotflol or lmbo. Then I'll post a link and you can all rotflol with me.  

I have to start with this link:

Stuff Christians Like has to be one of the funnest blogs in existence. Who else would be brave enough to take on hard hitting topics like "Getting abandoned by your worship leader" and "deep v-neck syndrome"?

Need a little "Funday" in your Monday?   SCL has you covered like a crew neck at the Catalyst Conference.

One question for you though: Whats your "go to" worship move? 

Me, I prefer the "Statue of Liberty"  Bow your head with an intense look on your face and raise a fist to the sky, then bob your head with the bass drum beat. Has a rock show feel with out being over the top. ; )  

Happy Funday!

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